10. Mending Their Nets

by Eularia Clarke

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Commentary by the artist

Eularia Clarke writes:

John was getting on with the work, and it sounds as if he was called quite suddenly. So I suppose it was a shock to him. Priests have sometimes told me what a shock it is to be called. They thought, what ME? The setting is the Hampshire coast near the Solent.

Vicar’s reflections

Andrew Bunch writes:

The element of surprise in a Divine Encounter is also captured in Eularia Clarke’s painting “Mending their nets.” The story of the calling of the disciples Peter and Andrew and also James and John gives the impression that their invitation to be a follower of Jesus came with little warning as they were going about their ordinary affairs of life. They knew their job in life was to be fishermen, that is how they earned their living. So, what did Jesus see in them that was so special? It was a surprise, a revelation but that is how it happened, quite out of the blue. Divine encounters can happen when you least expect them. When they come our way what will be our lasting memory, the shock of being asked or the shock of responding positively and changing our life?

(Mark 1:16-20)