11. Master, Where Do You Live?

by Eularia Clarke

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Commentary by the artist

Eularia Clarke writes:

John was getting on with the work, It seems that Christ lived in a rough sort of way when he was going about preaching. This is the ordinary early morning scene among non-affluent campers. God has pitched his tent among men. I was remembering, too, the sight of the empty open Tabernacle on the altar on Good Friday.

Vicar’s reflections

Andrew Bunch writes:

We may expect Divine Encounters to be most likely to take place in holy places. But is this really the case? Eularia Clarke’s painting “Master, where do you live” makes us aware that Divine Encounters are not restricted in where they can happen. When Andrew and Philip wanted to meet Jesus, they asked Jesus “Where do you live?” Admittedly it was an oblique question to the one they really wanted to ask. But the response was an invitation to be with Jesus in the ordinariness of his life’s setting. Not set apart in a holy place but in the midst of ordinary folk, living ordinary lives… that is where we are most likely to have a Divine Encounter that feeds our spiritual life and encourages us to go further.

(John 1:35-39)