8. The Annunciation

by Nicholas Mynheer

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Commentary by the artist

Nicholas Mynheer writes:

The Annunciation is a theme I find myself returning to time and again, in paint and in sculpture. There is so much in it to explore – Mary’s response to the Angel; Mary’s faith; the meeting of Heaven and Earth.

Here we see Mary greeted by the Angel who tells her that she will not only bear a child (having never known a man) but the child will be The Son of God. Mary’s strength of faith belies her tender years and after initially questioning the Angel bows to the will of God, saying, ‘May it be to me as you have said.’

Vicar’s reflections

Andrew Bunch writes:

Using a different medium, Nicholas Mynheer’s sculpture, The Annunciation, seems to freeze the moment of acceptance and thereby give this moment a sense of the eternal. What Mary has agreed to is something of eternal significance. She has taken an action which unites the everyday events of life with the eternal nature of God. There is a beauty and solemnity to the quality of this moment. It gives us something to reflect on and recognise in our own life when, responding to the love of God with love, we are invited to bring the eternal into the temporal experience of living.