9. Come Down Zaccheaus

by Eularia Clarke

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Commentary by the artist

Eularia Clarke writes:

The rich nations are, perhaps, being asked to be a bit poorer so as to restore justice all round? The people in the trees are secretly asking what there is in Christ, if anything.

Vicar’s reflections

Andrew Bunch writes:

So, how do we react to the actions of God in our own everyday life? Do we want to be merely a spectator and watch others take the risk of allowing God’s power to act in us or are we prepared to step forward and get involved? In Eularia Clarke’s painting “Come down Zacchaeus” we see this dilemma being acted out. Zacchaeus was not a favoured member of his community. As a collector of taxes, he was both rich and unpopular, yet he was intrigued by Jesus’ ministry and he wanted to see this man that so many people were talking about. Being a short man, the only way to see Jesus was to climb a tree to see over the heads of the crowd that would not let him through. But then a dreadful thing happened, Jesus spotted him and called him down. A Divine encounter – yes! An unwelcome and embarrassing moment – most certainly YES!! Would Zacchaeus have chosen things to work out like this, most definitely NO! and yet, this was the moment that changed his life.

(Luke 19:1-10)